Products and Services

Randomind provides software development, mobile telecommunications benchmarking and optimization services.

Software Development Services

Randomind is specialized in online booking systems: hotel, tour, flight tickets, airport transfer, car rental, bus tickets, train tickets.

Our Booxys product has been used by several travel agents around the world since 2003. Agents can integrate multiple online suppliers to their Booxys system as well as their own hotel and tour contracts. The internal allotment system allows room type, price and availability management. Airport transfer, package, car rental bookings can be made with our shopping cart module. Both B2B and B2C implementations exist in our existing client travel companies.

We have recently created Booxys Hotelier, an online reservation system for individual hotel web sites. Hotels can manage their rooms and availability and receive bookings from their web sites.

HFind Global Hotel Database is our free hotel database. Property owners/managers can add/update detailed information (description, location, amenities, photos, phone, and etc.) to our public database. Our database can be downloaded in XML format for free.

Gimio, is our innovative travel market place web application, where travelers can add their travel needs to our system and receive offers from service providers or agents.

HotelBoard is our online hotel reservation project that consists of multiple XML-based provider integration, online payment, reservation back office. is our new promotion site for Booxys Hotelier product and accompanying services for online hotel marketing.

Mobile Telecommunications Services

  • Optimization
    Our optimization experts provide analysis, drive testing and monitoring network services. We ensure a fast, efficient and reliable network configuration for our clients.
    • Alarm Handling
    • OSS Statistical Analysis
    • Frequency / Neighbor Planning
    • Voice / Data Capacity Dimensioning
    • Inconsistency / Discrepancy Analysis
    • Parameter Tuning
    • Radio Network Feature Activation
    • Tuning & Re-dimensioning of
    • Transmission Network
    • Troubleshooting of Customer Complaints
  • Benchmarking
    We collect and analyze drive test results and monitor optimization activities on the field of our clients' network. Our clients have up-to-date company and competitors' network information.
    • Benchmarking
    • Drive Testing & Analysis
    • Testing after feature activations / re-homing activities
    • Testing due to parameter changes
    • Troubleshooting of Customer Complaints